Attaching the Splatter-Guard will protect the front of your oven from unwanted cooking splatter. No need to get on your knees or stress your back trying to clean the oven front. A simple wipe-down of the Splatter-Guard each time you cook is all that’s needed to keep the front of your oven clean and spill free!
The Splatter-Guard covers and protects the knobs. You will no longer have to clean them.
If you have small children, the Splatter-Guard can help keep those tiny hands from reaching up to the hot surface.


Ordering a Splatter Guard for Your Oven is EASY!

Make Sure You Order
The Correct Model!

The front of ovens are made with a FLAT-EDGE (near right) or they are made with an ANGLEDEDGE (far right). Please make sure you look at your oven before ordering to make sure you order the right model.

Our splatter guard fits a
standard 30-inch wide oven


~ Model A ~
For a Flat-Edge Oven


~ Model B ~
For an Angled-Edge Oven



No tools required! The Splatter-Guard has powerful magnets already attached. All you need to do is just set it in place.



DO NOT put the Splatter-Guard into a dish washing machine. A simple wipe-down with any clean wash cloth will ensure a long life for this product.