Does this unit interfere with my cooking?

The inventor and his family cook on the stove almost every day and the unit has never interfered with them cooking. Note: all that constant cooking left a lot of splatter on the front of the oven and the dials --- that’s why he invented this.

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How secure is this unit and what are the chances of it getting knocked-off or broken?  

This unit is held on with very strong neodymium magnets. It’s difficult to remove by pulling straight forward on the unit; but if you tilt it down and break the edge of the magnet’s hold, it can be removed much easier. It’s also made of thick Plexiglas which does not break easily.

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Will this unit attach to my stainless steel oven?

Most stainless steel ovens that I have seen have a steel top supporting the burner assembly. The ‘Splatter Guard’ will attach to this type oven; but if the burner assembly top is also stainless steel, these magnets will not attach to it.

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My oven has a slightly rounded front edge. Which unit would work best with this style oven?

Having seen this type of oven-front in the stores, I believe that model “A” would work best on this style of oven.

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Is there a unit designed to fit my special profile-edge oven (typically G.E.)?

Not at this time but perhaps in the near future when there is enough demand for that particular style.

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My oven is 36” wide, do you have a unit to fit that width?

Not yet but perhaps in the future.

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Does this product come in different colors?


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Why can’t I just put this ‘Splatter Guard’ in my dishwasher to clean it?

The water in your dishwasher is usually heated to around 140 degrees or more, and over a period of time this could cause the glue to fail. The unit could come apart. A simple wipe-down is the safest solution.

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If a magnet comes lose, what glue should I use to re-glue it?

The manufacturer uses heavy duty, industrial strength glue to adhere the magnets to the unit; but occasionally a magnet may come lose due to high oven heat on the surface, or due to the frequent hot/cold cycling that occurs every time you heat up and then cool down your oven. It is recommended that a heat-resistant epoxy glue be used to re-glue the magnet to the unit.

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No tools required! The Splatter-Guard has powerful magnets already attached. All you need to do is just set it in place.



DO NOT put the Splatter-Guard into a dish washing machine. A simple wipe-down with any clean wash cloth will ensure a long life for this product.