The 'Splatter Guard' adheres to the front edge of your oven, via powerful neodymium magnets. It extends out approximately 2.5" from the oven so that, while you are cooking, any splatter from pots, pans, frying pan, etc. will not adhere to the front of your oven. This 'splatter' will end up on the 'Splatter Guard' which is easily whipped clean with a hand towel or dish rag after you are through cooking. Caution: this 'Splatter Guard' needs to be removed prior to running your oven cleaning cycle, which can often heat up to 650 degrees or higher.


Magnet Caution: these neodymium magnets can interfere with a pacemaker or other medical implant devise if someone were to come into very close proximity to the magnets.




No tools required! The Splatter-Guard has powerful magnets already attached. All you need to do is just set it in place.



DO NOT put the Splatter-Guard into a dish washing machine. A simple wipe-down with any clean wash cloth will ensure a long life for this product.