For only $24.95 plus shipping/handling you get a well designed, heavy duty 'Splatter Guard' for your oven that will last for many years. This unit is designed of thick, clear Plexiglas plastic so that, if it were to be dropped accidentally, it will not shatter as thinner plastic may do. It also has heavy duty magnets that will keep the unit affixed tightly to your oven. When you wipe down the top of this 'Splatter Guard', each time you cook using your oven top, it will keep the front of your oven looking clean at all times. This is truly a labor-saving device in the kitchen, and for those who cook frequently --- cleanup is very much simplified.

Invented by an American and made in the USA.




No tools required! The Splatter-Guard has powerful magnets already attached. All you need to do is just set it in place.



DO NOT put the Splatter-Guard into a dish washing machine. A simple wipe-down with any clean wash cloth will ensure a long life for this product.